Our Success Across The Years

It was the 15th January of 1981 when the first Cassia Gift Shop was inaugurated in Tal-Barrani Road, Bir id-Deheb.

The passion and experience in the carpentry field inspired one of the 'Cassia' brothers to enforce this business by joining another brother as business partner and kick start this new venture by opening the first shop selling giftware, chandeliers, households, loose furniture etc...

Their dedication and commitment was soon awarded when in 1989 they started to import a variety of goods for retail and also wholesale.

This success led to a necessity for a larger business area. In the same year, Cassia Gift Shop was re-located and 'Cassia' brothers inaugurated this newly established business property which is situated in a prime location in Hompesch Road Fgura where it is to date.

Best Value Enterprises

This healthy and fruitful business went strong for eleven years when the Cassia partners decided to part ways and Mr. Joseph Spiteri bought all the company shares and established the Best Value Enterprises where he invested more into importation.